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    CONSISTA? Catalyst Systems

    CONSISTA?  catalysts are the first 6th generation, non-phthalate based catalysts; designed to produce advanced-performance polypropylene with broad applicability that can be used to fabricate lighter, cleaner and clearer articles..

    CONSISTA? C601 and C602 Catalysts with new CONSISTA donors:CONSISTA? D7600, D8700 and D9700deliver high reactor operability and on-stream time. CONSISTA Catalyst systems are tailored for the UNIPOL? PP Process.

     Process and Product Benefits

    • Non-phthalate based catalyst chemistry
    • Excellent reactor operability and protection
    • Excellent product performance in major application areas
    • Applicable to a broad range of commodity and specialty grades
    • Enables a reduction in resin manufacturing costs through less peroxide usage
    • Drop-in technology without capital investment with UNIPOL? Process Technology
    • Broader applicability to the entire product wheel than any other catalyst
    • Higher stiffness for homopolymer lightweighting
    • Market-leading impact/stiffness balance
    • Lower haze for clarified random copolymer
    • Broad molecular weight distribution yields improved extrusion processing for pipe, sheet and thermoforming applications
    • Improved taste-odor for food contact grades
    • Lower VOC faster cycle time high melt flow rate (MFR) grades for injection moulding


    Donor Portfolio Offers Complete Product Range

    Donor Product Types Productivity
    Value Elements
    CONSISTA? D9700 Homopolymers, random
    50 – 80 Wide range of premium homopolymers and random copolymers
    CONSISTA? D8600Random copolymers, impact
    50 – 80 Optimized random copolymer performance, especially fractional melt flow pipe
    CONSISTA? D8700Impact copolymers, low xylene solubles
    60 – 100 Wide range of premium impact copolymers, highest catalyst productivity
    CONSISTA? D7600Very high melt flow impact
    40 – 60 Very high melt flow impact copolymers, peroxide elimination


    SHAC? Catalysts and Donors

    SHAC? Catalyst Systems, which includes ADT Donors, are complementary components and designed specifically for UNIPOL? PP Technology. They are suitable for all other gas-phase PP technologies. SHAC? Catalysts Systems are easy to use, consistent and contribute to the low operating cost of the process.

    Licensees benefit from Grace's commitment to discovering, developing and marketing proprietary catalysts. We have a proven track record for developing innovative solutions.

    Grace's range of catalysts and donors offer our licensees the ability to choose the best catalyst and donor combination to meet their specific needs and requirements.?

    Product Family

    Catalyst System
    HomopolymersSHAC? 201 Catalyst or SHAC? 320 Catalyst + ADT Donor
    Random CopolymersSHAC? 205 Catalyst + ADT Donor
    Impact CopolymersSHAC? 320 Catalyst + ADT Donor
    High Melt Flow Impact CopolymersSHAC? 320 Catalyst + CONSISTA? D7000 Donor


    SHAC? Catalyst and Donors: PP Product Capabilities

    Catalyst Type

    Homopolymer Ethylene and Butene Random Impact Copolymer
    SHAC? 201ADT 4000 and 5000-N Series ADT 4000 Series
    SHAC? 205ADT 4000 and 5000-N SeriesADT 4600
    ADT 5500-N
    ADT 4000 Series
    SHAC? 320ADT 4000 and 5000-N Series ADT 4000 Series

    ADT Donor Portfolio

    Advanced donors are available for the entire range of products

    SHAC?Catalyst Donor Series Product Types Catalyst Productivity
    Value Elements
    ADT 4500Impact copolymers
    30-60Enhanced operability.
    high productivity,
    premium impact
    ADT 4600Impact copolymers
    25-50Best  operability for premium impact copolymers, random copolymers
    ADT 5100-NHomopolymers-high XS20-30Best operability, premium high X5 homopolymers, BOPP film
    ADT 5500-NHomopolymers
    Random Copolymers
    20-35Enhanced operability, high productivity premium homopolymers and random copolymers
    ADT 5600-NHomopolymers
    Random Copolymers
    20-30Best operability, premium homopolymers including spunbound

    UNIPOL? Polypropylene Process Technology - SHAC? Catalyst ADT

    SHAC? Catalyst Systems: Advanced Donor Technology Improves Process Operability and Product Performance

    SHAC? Catalyst Systems, ADT Donors and the new CONSISTA? Donor Technology are complementary components designed specifically for the UNIPOL? Polypropylene Technology. They are also suitable for all other gas phase polypropylene technologies.

    This platform technology offers polypropylene producers the ability to significantly improve reactor stability and process operability under adverse conditions and at the same time maintain or improve product performance properties.

    A System To Meet Your Needs

    The use of SHAC? Catalyst ADT allows for tailored product specific applications based on xylene solubles (XS), molecular weight distribution (MWD) and oligomers requirements.

    The SHAC? Catalyst ADT includes two primary product lines. Both are used as external donors.

    SHAC? Catalyst ADT 4000 Series

    Delivers broad polymer molecular weight and are best applied in producing impact copolymers.

    SHAC? Catalyst ADT 5000 Series

    Produces narrow polymer molecular weight for homopolymers and random copolymers.